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Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Free japanese craftbook: Ondori Handicraft Pom Pom Mascots A B C

By: Miracle Handsph On: Thursday, September 08, 2011
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  • Free craft book download: Ondori Handicraft Pom Pom Mascots A B C
    Language: Japanese
    This small book introduces over 30 Pom Pom craft mascot projects! Ant, Bear, Cherry, Dog, Frog, Egg, Ghost, Heart, American Indian, Airplane, Kiwi, Lion, Orange, Nuts, Pig, Queen, Rabbit, Snake, Twins, Unicorn, Venus, Whale, and more! Great, easy craft ideas that are fun to make!
    Filesize : 3,01 MB
    File type:  Image
    Link fixed: 8/23/2017
    Download here :  

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    Fixed links. Now you can download the book. Thank for show me the link down or not work.
    Please leave your comment or contact me if you have problem. Many thanks

    3 Comment :

    1. Can u fix the link? I couldnt download it!

    2. Thanks for your lovely Pattern.
      Boosakorn from Thailand


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