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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Free japanese craft book download: Sweet mofif wonderland 3023

By: Miracle Handsph On: Wednesday, January 16, 2013
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  • Free japanese craft book download: Sweet mofif wonderland 3023
    Book by four Japanese popular simulation dessert writers use simple crafts clay, pigments, tools and small decorative objects, personally teach owners simulation dessert & dessert decorated grocery, produce 51 models look almost like genuine clay desserts for home decoration addsa lot of fun and color.
    Practice basic accessories
    Bananas, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, cherries, blueberries,
    Mint leaves, biscuits bars & lollipops, roses,
    Ribbon, chocolate lie, chocolate jewelry

    Her Royal Highness Princess little dessert Salon 13
    The Aike Lei ring frame with mini-Aike Lei, four bulbs the Futa, cake volume seal seat ......

    Naughty daughter dessert party 35
    Cup cake decorations, icing biscuits decorations, icing biscuits decorations ...

    Little girl in Paris with antique dessert Street 55
    Berry chocolate bag hooks, small cakes keychain, the berry chocolate mousse bag hooks ...

    Cute maid colorful dessert cafe 77
    The double ball ice cream, fruit tarts, fruit Parkway note folder ......
    Language:   Japanese 
    ISBN :
    Filesize : 12,6 MB
    File type:  Image 
    Download craft ebook here :
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