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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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VIP Book 01: Learn to felt 巧手學做羊毛氈

By: Miracle Handsph On: Wednesday, November 06, 2013
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  • Vip book 01: Learn to felt 巧手學做羊毛氈
    Page size: 1804 x 2400 
    File size : 38.88 MB
    Price: 3 USD/ book.
    PLEASE SEND US YOUR NAME AND YOUR EMAIL after paying to this contact FORM
    or send directly to our emai: or
    Thank you.


    About the book: Life is really worth wasting on the good things

    Jufan portable charms, hair clips, hair rings, necklaces, brooches, card sets, key rings, and even charming and elegant bags, shopping bags, should all be a dream, a lifestyle and attitude of the declaration. Author is through this spirit would like to share with you the sheep felt cloth, so that you feel life with these decorations, will become how interesting.

    Yang felt cloth, wool is a component with high unit non-woven, non-woven fabric is different from the general market, dense texture and gentle, with a good touch, used to make everyday practical groceries, used in bags, wall decoration, dolls, small objects, etc., particularly giving soft. This demonstrates 18 combination wool felt supplies, it is hoped to make full wool felt hand style of groceries, adding fun in your life.

    6 personalized mobile phone strap practices p10
    8 Two Two Straps practice p12
    14 warm blanket approach p18
    16 Fireworks hair accessories practices p20
    22 portable pencil bags practice p26, p29
    24 flower hairpin practice p31
    32 coral handbag practice p34
    33 Coral card sets practice p36
    38 heart necklace crisp practice p42
    40 rolls of love brooch practice p43
    44 crescents fashion bag practice p48
    46 patchwork blankets practice p50
    47 Nuannuan Bao coat practice p51
    52 lightweight package approach p56
    54 natural wind coasters practice p58
    60 Purple Lover bag practice p66
    61 Lolly pop handbag practice p67
    62 Key Cover modeling approach p68, p70
    64 Ebenezer help Bear magnets practice p72
    73 Materials and tools
    76 basic stitch
    83 basic embroidery

    85 Where to buy materials and tools

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