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Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Anthropologie hat tutorial

By: Miracle Handsph On: Sunday, July 10, 2011
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  • Anthropologie hat tutorial


    What you will need:
    A rectangle of felt (if you have high quality felt that is awesome!)
    Extra wide ribbon (Grossgrain is used in the Anthro hat)
    Ribbon (Crushed velvet ribbon was used in the original hat)
    A large plum feather such as Ostrich if it is available but I used some plucked from my feather duster :)
    A 20 inch length of Bias tape, or cording or extra wide ribbon.
    Needle and thread
    The rectangle I used was 20 inches long and I cut it on the fold (so 10 on each side).


    Take your bias tape and slide on of the long raw ends into it. Then Sew all the way down the edge


    You could also use decorative cording, or fold an extra wide piece of ribbon in half and slide the felt in between the fold. Now fold your felt in half, right sides together. Sew up the unfolded side, rounding the corners and making a slight “sag” in the middle. Sew all the way around to the other side, again rounding the corner.

    Turn your hat inside out. Now we can start embellishing woo hoo! If you have a cool feather in your stock or at a store this is the time to use it! I pulled 4 feathers out of a duster. If you have a glue gun you can TOTALLY use it now (and I am jealous if you have one, I am all out of glue sticks for the gun.. bummah!) but if you are up a creek like me sewing works just fine :)


    Cut 3 strips of your extra wide ribbon that descend in length.


    Fold them in half and stack them on top of each other on top of the feathers you just attached. I twisted them so they were at a bit of an angle after I took this pic. I thought it looked a little better that way. Again, glue gun= TOTALLY awesome, hand stitch= awesome :)


    Take your second bit of ribbon (I LOVE how the crushed velvet looks and tried sooo hard to find some, no such luck so olive green had to do) and tie a simple bow. I am super awful at bow tying, I know, I will be fired as a mother when Evie turns 3 and the bows in her hair are super sloppy looking and always come undone. Once you have tied the bow that will undoubtedly look better then mine :) Attach it where you like, towards the back of the 3 extra wide ribbons. I sewed both in the middle of the knot and attached the tails where I wanted them, using them to hide the raw edges of the pink ribbon.


    Last but not least the buttons! Now here is the super cool back story about these particular buttons. A few days ago I received a package from England!!

    I was sooo insanely excited. I CAREFULLY unwrapped it and was thrilled to find the cutest Peter Rabbit coin purse containing the most gorgeous collection of buttons EVER. Laura (the lovely sender of the package) included a note letting me know that they were from her beau’s, mother’s vintage collection. OMG!!! I started thinking about the very special projects I would save them for and thought for sure this eclectic hat deserved a button all the way from Great Britain. It was hard but I narrowed it down to these beauties. I thought the blue would pop but still “go” with the other colors.
    I attached them just above the little bow I just tied and it all seemed to come together. Who knew all it would need is some vintage buttons from hundreds of thousands of miles away? HA!
    I have to tell you something hilarious. Here in Timor it is HOT and HUMID I mean SERIOUSLY hot and humid. I spend a ton of time in the pool, or playing with the kiddos outside and feeling like I am swimming in a pool of my own sweat (ew, sorry for that). Because of this, and the fact that you cannot buy make-up on the island, I rarely wear it. The morning we did pictures of the hat I thought “hmmmm I should probably put some mascara on” I dug it out from the depths of darkness that is the cupboard beneath my sink, broke the cardinal rule of not shoving the wand in and out and in and out and went to swipe some on my eye. The HUGEST glob of mascara plopped right in my eye. It hurt so stinkin’ bad. When I looked in the mirror my eye was completely black, no iris visible. It has never bothered me to touch my eyes so I started poking it with tissue and MAN did it burn. What is ironic is after my eyes water, or I cry, or have been in chlorine too long the redness of my eyes make them also look very blue. So apparently if I want MY eyes to pop in photos I just need to irritate them super bad.


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