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Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Tutorials : Baby doll accessories

By: Miracle Handsph On: Saturday, July 23, 2011
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  • Baby Doll Accessories Tutorial
    (Part 1: diapers, wipes and wipes case)
    Materials Needed:
    *Scrap pieces of fleece, felt or any other non-fraying material
    *Cotton fabric scraps or a fat quarter if you want them to all match
    *Minky fabric or flannel scraps
    *1/2″ sew on velcro

    Make your template shaped like above. To find the right size for your doll, lay the doll down and wrap it with a piece of paper as if you were going to diaper it with the piece of paper. Just fold and work with the piece of paper to get it to the right size. These diapers are made to fit my little girls favorite lovely…bear. But I also made sure they would fit her favorite dolls. So just play with the size a bit. My template is 8 1/2″ long and about 5 1/2″ on the width and about 1 1/2″ longer on the the tab side. And as you can see, I folded my paper both ways before cutting so that they were even on all sides and just trimmed the tabs off on the front of the diaper. Now you have your perfectly shaped template.
    Trace the template onto the wrong side of the cotton fabric. If you want to add a little heart or label onto your diaper, add it now. Now take your piece of minky fabric and cotton fabric and place right sides together. Pin in place. Now sew directly onto your template outline. Make sure you leave a 1 1/2″ space for turning right side out on the back of your diaper.
    Trim off excess fabric and pull right sides out through the opening. Push all corners out and carefully push out the sides of the diaper so they lie flat. Iron.
    Top stitch all around diaper.
    The finished inside of diaper. Gather some 1/2″ sew on velcro and cut about a 1″ length.
    Sew the hook part of the velcro onto the “diaper tabs.”
    And attach the loop part of the velcro to the front of the diaper like so.
    And that’s it. A new diaper for your little ones doll.
    With a sweet little heart.

    And because I couldn’t just stop there, I had to make up some wipes. I just cut my scrap pieces of fleece into 5 1/2″ by 4 1/2″ pieces. And that’s it. super easy right?
    And since this momma couldn’t stop there I made a little case for the wipes.
    Cut three pieces of fleece to the following sizes:
    *3″ x 5″ (flap on top)
    * little hearts if you want to embellish the flap
    * cut two pieces at 6″ x 6 1/2″
    Take one of the larger pieces of fleece and cut a small oval shape out of it. This is hole that the wipes will be pulled through.
    Take the smaller piece of fleece and add some hearts to the flap if you want. Then cover up the oval opening with your flap and sew in place. Just make sure you leave enough room on the bottom of the flap to attach to velcro.
    This is where my velcro ended up.
    Now take the other piece of fleece and place it right sides facing with the top of the “wipes container.”
    Sew completely around the “container.” Now pull right side out through the oval opening.
    And there you have it! How easy was that?! And how adorably cute?!
    Oh I already know this is going to make a little missy girl some happy, while keeping this momma very busy. I have a feeling I will be spending hours a day helping her put the wipes back into the container…over and over again!
    **Please feel free to use this tutorial for your personal sewing projects. You may link this to your blog and use any photo’s. Please be kind and give credit where credit is due.**
    Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. If you make one using this tutorial, please add it to my flickr group. I would love to see it and you just might see it featured on my blog one day!

    (Via 2littlehooligans)

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