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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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tutorial: Matrioska Mobile cover

By: Miracle Handsph On: Wednesday, July 06, 2011
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  • This is my first handmade tutorials. You can try this. Thank you for reading!

    - Nonwoven

    - A piece of dark fabric color
    - lace
    - needle, thread,
    - scissors, pens, leather

    Step 1: You cut the cloth doll Matrioska as below image: 2 orange pieces as the body (depending on the size of your phone, note the thickness of the phone)  , a dark headscarf. Cut a pale yellow circle as face , brown hair. Finally, you cut piece of lace.

     Step 2: Sew the lace up the front, about half the length of dolls

    Step3 Use the dark colour thread to sew the hanscraf on the doll

    Step 4: You sewing hair on the face of the doll, then use blackk thread to add eyes, nose or mouth. At this point you can use your creativity to make the face Matrioska slightly.

    Step 5: Sewing face on body

    Step 6: You sewing 2 doll bodies \ together, leaving out a section at the top to put the phone on, then sew the leather into it.  You can add a lining inside, too.

    Take some time and a little ingenuity, you can do yourself a lot of useful things

    Wish you success. Thank you. 


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