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Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Tutorials : How to Create a Simple Photo Display

By: Miracle Handsph On: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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  • Not sure what to do with all your pictures? Create a fun and inventive photo display using these quick and easy steps (7 Photos)

     I 've found that creative and simple tutorial and one to share you. For more info and típ you can visit here

    Get Your Supplies in Order

    In order to create this simple photo display, you'll need: a tape measure, a screw driver with a drill bit, hook and eye screws, binder clips or clothes pins, a pencil, a few snap hooks, about 10 to 20 feet (depending on your wall size) of nylon cord in a bright color, and some photos.


    Measure and Drill Holes in Your Wall

    Start by measuring the width of your wall and determining where you want to place your eye hooks. In this case, we left off around 10 inches of wall from each edge. Ensure your screws are evenly spaced by also measuring down from the ceiling. Then mark the placement of each hole with a pencil. Drill holes where you’ve marked. (Tip: Make sure to a drill bit slightly smaller than the eye hooks you’ve purchased.)

    Screw Eye Hooks into Wall

    Gently screw in eye hooks into the wall by hand

    Make an Adustable Knot Around Snap Hook

    We used a snap hook and a slip knot to give the display a bit of a nautical feeling. You can tie the knot any way you want, but the slip knot allows the cord to be adjusted once it’s on the wall.  Click here for a tutorial on knot tying.

    Hang a Row of Pictures and Adjust Knots As Needed

    Attach the first snap hook to the wall and loop the extra cord around the second eye hook. Hang your first row of pictures with binder clips or clothespins. Take a step back and determine how much slack you want in your line, then adjust the slip knot as needed. Cut the cord to your desired length. Use another slip knot to add a second snap hook to the other end of the cord. 

    Sit Back and Enjoy!

    If desired, repeat steps 1 through 5 for a second row of pictures. In this case, we left about 10 inches between the two rows. Make sure to give yourself enough room in between the second row and the top of your couch, chair, bed, etc. Cut off any extra cord. (Tip: To keep cord ends from fraying, use a match to lightly singe ends.) Sit back and enjoy your new photo display!

    From iVillage

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